Who We Are

Like a little caterpillar, upon the death of our loved ones, we find ourselves having to begin anew (life without the one we love). We appear alone and heartbroken. Our heart hurts so badly that sometimes we want to just go inside our cocoons and be by ourselves. But after spending a little time alone, something wonderful and miraculous happens. We emerge a beautiful, new creature. And like the butterfly, we realize…we’re going to make it through!

Widows Empowered Strengthened & I Inc. is a non-profit organization whose ultimate purpose is to empower, strengthen and educate women, particularly widows, during and after challenging, life-altering times and occurrences in their lives.

We partner with financial, legal, housing, and community organizations to offer assistance to widows and women who need education, services, and support in these areas.



How We Got Started

Our founder, Mrs. Marian Idell Watson, in the midst of her grieving needed support, so she searched for local organizations that might help her through her grief. She was looking for a group that would help her move forward, through the grief process, in a way that she could engage with similar women, do something fun, but also make meaningful contributions to the community. In all of her searching, she was unable to find one single group, locally, to meet that need.  So, she started her own. W.E.S. and I, Inc. was birthed out of the founders personal pain and need for support. This group provides an encouraging and enjoyable atmosphere among widows, while not negating the emotions and pain a woman might experience.



Our Mission & Vision

Board of Directors