“My Husband Died, Now What?” by Debra L. Morrison, CFP

A widow’s step-by-step guide to picking up her emotional pieces and re-creating her life–personally and financially. This seasoned Certified Financial Planner™ gives easy to follow tips & strategies to help widows avoid financial mistakes, and ease into making the important financial decisions that inevitably loom after their husband dies. Written in English, not financese, this book delivers impartial advice with a wit that penetrates most widow’s “I can’t do this thing called money” protective shields. Practical, down-to-earth examples educate widows on things they may not know (yet need to know) about finances. The author combines Grief Coaching skills with concrete guidance about how to select a Certified Financial Planner®. She cheerleads her reader into re-creating her life with small yet powerful action steps forward. Any widow who seeks education about money in plain English, wishes to avoid making costly mistakes, and wants effective coaching tips and strategies to move through her fears and to make tough decisions will be a great candidate for Debra’s empowering advice in this book.

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